Monday, September 21, 2009

Awww, I'm blushing!

I've never received a blog award before. I'm touched and tickled pink. So I thank the lovely and generous Allie over at who passed along this award to me ... of course the reason my blog is so lovely is because she coached (copiously) from the sidelines, guiding me where to go online for terrific backgrounds and banners. I was thrilled to fong an image of a crowned woman and a key to her heart -- perfect indeed for a blog titled ROYAL AFFAIRS!
and ... if you have any royal scandals on your mind, please pop in for a visit anytime to discuss them. Who are some of your favorite scandalous royals -- and why?

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Allie ~ Hist-Fic Chick said...

You deserve the award Leslie!! Your blog is the definition of "lovely"!

My favorite royal scandal is Nell Gwyn and Charles II, by far!! I love "pretty, witty" Nell's sharp tongue and spitfire repartee. Her antics and the tricks she played on Charles's other, more noble and genteel mistresses are straight out of a hilarious cartoon. And my favorite line of all (which you talk about in Royal Affairs): after being harassed by an angry mob who saw her carriage and assumed it was Louise de Keroualle, the very French and Catholic "other" mistress of the king, riding inside, she came out of her carriage and addressed the crowd with the words, "Pray, good people, be civil! I am the Protestant whore." And I also like her for the fact that she was one of the few royal mistresses throughout history to actually care for the monarch for him/herself, rather than for His/Her Majesty's privy purse.