Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Faint Tinkle of Royal Wedding Bells?

Your timing is impeccable, Your Highness ... if true.

According to a September 21 squib in ( a confidant (who may no longer be one by now) of Britain's Prince William and his on-again/off-again girlfriend of eight years, Kate Middleton, have set a wedding date.

Vanity Fair alleges that the couple's university chum Jules Knight (a member of the boy band Blake -- which means absolutely nothing to me, so maybe some of you readers can enlighten me) have set a June 2012 date for their "I do's."

The reason for the delay, according to Knight (lovely name for a prince's pal, isn't it? How teddibly, teddibly fitting!) is that Wills wants to wait until he turns thirty (nothing like emulating your father's timetable regarding his BrideQuest, eh, wot?). Apparently, "Kate is fine with that." Additionally, says Knight, the second in line to the British throne wants to focus on his RAF (Royal Air Force, for the uninitiated) training.

Kate Middleton -- with, Prince Harry: her future brother-in-law, perhaps?

According to an article in, one of their pals said: “He is very careerminded and wants to get as high up as he can in the force. Kate knows he loves her and wants to marry her but also understands what it means to be the girlfriend of the future king.”

If there is a June 2012 date already set, those of us who have tripped down the aisle, or at least taken the trip, know that you need that much time to plan a wedding, half of which is generally devoted to squabbling among the future in-laws! At least they might not have trouble booking a band: Blake is purportedly Kate's first choice, so I doubt they'll have to worry about the band having another booking on their special day.

Your Highness, Miss Middleton -- I wish you all the best. And in the fairy tale maelstrom that the world continues to stir up regarding your royal romance, and (perhaps) your upcoming nuptials, may you both be able to plant your feet firmly on the ground and remain rooted to the realities of marriage.

Will they or won't they hear wedding bells? In June 2012? Sooner? Later? Never?

Please chime in!


Marie Burton said...

Interesting of all the years they chose is actually that apocalyptic year of the Mayan prophecy of 2012.

If the rumor is true of course. Wonder what QE2 thinks. One cannot help but think of Diana at a time like that. If it's true of course.

Leslie Carroll said...

Marie, I put as much faith in the Mayan prophecy as I do that Manhattan rents will plummet. After all, Nostradamus was wrong; the Y2K nuts were wrong ... but, heck, the Mayans gave us chocolate, and I certainly believe in that! :)

I, too, wonder what QE2 thinks. I think Kate may be more "together" emotionally than Diana ever was (although you never know, when you're plunged headfirst into the royal fishbowl, whether you're capable of coping). Still, she and William have been together, living as a couple for much of the past 8 years, which is very much unlike Charles's whirlwind courtship of Diana. That only came about because his father put his foot down and told the P.O.W. that it was time he stopped shilly-shallying and found himself a nice, fertile virgin. And Charles had Camilla vetting his options to see who would might create the least trouble for their own royal affair. Boy, was Camilla wrong!

Allie ~ Hist-Fic Chick said...

Haha...isn't it interesting that POW can stand for either Price of Wales OR Prisoner of War? Unlikely Irony there.

I, too, wonder what QE2 must think of this. Wouldn't this be the first time in British royal history that the future King of England married a "commoner" for love? The last King who tried to do that ended up abdicating! I very much doubt that after eight years of being together that Kate Middleton is a virgin, so I wonder if all that protocol (the Princess of Wales needing to be a virgin, and of the aristocracy at that) is finally going to be done away with for future British royal unions. The times, they are a-changing!

Leslie Carroll said...

William is not yet Prince of Wales, though if he keeps pushing back a wedding date he might very well be by the time he and Kate (or whoever!) marry. Edward VIII had to abdicate if he wanted to marry Wallis Warfield Simpson (and it's a good thing he did or we might all be saying "Heil Hitler!" Well, yours truly might never have been born because her parents might have been gassed).

So William, as far as I know, would be setting a precedent by marrying a commoner even before he becomes Prince of Wales.

lyndsey_evans said...

You wish to be enlightened as to who Jules Knight is? Blake are a classical-boyband who formed on facebook and have gone on to sing at Shirley Bassey's 70th, Dame Vera's special evening last week and won Album of the Year at the Classical Brit Awards last year.

Leslie Carroll said...

Thank you, Lyndsey. I guess they're not a household name here in the U.S.

Or, if they are, it could be a generational thing, since I'm not well versed in current or recent boy bands beyond the Jonas Brothers.