Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Allie Rocks!

I have finally brought this blog up to aesthetic speed!

And about 95% of the credit is due to the talented, witty, and articulate Allie Greenwald at

Allie is one of the premier bloggers in the world of historical fiction. Without her online tutorials, suggestions, crosstown hand-holding, talking this near-Luddite off the metaphorical ledge, my blog wouldn't look this pretty.

Please visit my other blog, too, at to view my own efforts after following her tutorial.


Ms. Lucy said...

It's GORGEOUS! Allie is really talented in so many ways- and she's one of the nicest people I know:)

lizzy J said...

Love it much pretty and more to your style.

I love Allie, she is so cool!

Leslie Carroll said...

I'm so happy with how it looks! Both of my blogs, actually. The Amazing Allie suggested the 2 sites where I could find free backgrounds and banners to download and I spent all afternoon and evening yesterday playing with it; but she rescued me after I posted the banner but couldn't figure out how to make the header lettering work.

Thanks to her guidance at least I managed to dress up my other blog, too: