Friday, December 18, 2009


The new film, "The Young Victoria" is all the buzz right now, all set to make its US debut, enthusiastically promoted by one of its producers, Sarah Ferguson, better known as "Fergie" -- no, not the Black Eyed Peas singer -- Duchess of York. Ferguson's daughter Princess Beatrice is an extra in the film, and owing to her DNA looks a whole lot more like the young Victoria than the film's star, the talented Emily Blunt.

The redheaded former Windsor has been telling all the morning TV anchors what a great unknown story she discovered in the archives of Windsor Castle -- that of the great love (and even passion) between the young Victoria and her cousin, Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

See the movie -- read the book!
It's not that unknown, actually -- and you can learn even more about this beautiful royal love story (complete with quotes from Victoria's diaries) in my upcoming nonfiction release, NOTORIOUS ROYAL MARRIAGES. The book hits the shelves on January 5, 2010, the eleventh day of Christmas.

I invite you to pick up a copy of the book and enjoy your own epiphany regarding one of the greatest love stories ever ... and many more love (and hate) stories of some of the world's most famous royal couples.


Robin said...

I wish your new book was released a bit earlier, before Christmas - I would have put it on my Christmas wishlist. I'm currently reading "Royal Affairs" and really enjoying it so there's no doubt "Notorious Royal Marriages" is on my "to read" list.

Leslie Carroll said...

Thanks so much for the compliment, Robin! I, too, wish the book was being released in time for Christmas, for just the same reason, but I suppose that unless an author is super-famous, release dates are beyond our control.

I've been singing "The Twelve Days of Christmas" and since NOTORIOUS ROYAL MARRIAGES comes out on January 5, I started think of the release date as the 11th day of Christmas, and maybe the perfect way to use the gift cards Santa brings. :)

So, here's to Eleven Pipers Piping!