Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I'm so excited to finally be able to post the finalized cover for ROYAL AFFAIRS.

Insatiable kings. Lecherous queens. Kissing Cousins.Wanton consorts.

Welcome to nearly 1,000 years of Naughty Behavior.

Royal unions have always been the stuff of scintillating gossip, from the passionate Plantagenets to Henry VIII’s alarming head count of wives and mistresses, to the Sapphic crushes of Mary and Anne Stuart right on up through the scandal-blighted coupling of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Shoved into loveless arranged marriages for political and economic gain, many royals were driven to indulge their pleasures outside the marital bed, engaging in delicious flirtations, lurid love letters, and rampant sex with voluptuous and willing lovers.

This nearly pathological lust made for some of the most titillating scandals in Great Britain’s history. Hardly harmless, these affairs disrupted dynastic alliances, endangered lives, and most of all, have fed the salacious curiosity of the public for centuries.

Peek between the covers…

The title will be released from NAL Trade on June 3, 2008. If your book club chooses this title, I'd be delighted to arrange a special "tryst" just for your club where, on a mutally agreeable date, I'll answer any questions individual readers may have and we'll have an interactive chat about the book, my research and the affairs themselves. We can even chat about the ones I might have omitted and why. I look forward to hearing from my readers!


Wiebe said...

This looks yummy....have to put out a pre-order at my local bookstore!

Georgie Lee said...

The cover looks great!

Leslie Carroll said...

Thanks, ladies! I have to say, with fingers crossed, that I sure hope the book sells like crazy, especially as I promised my poor husband I was writing a best seller!

My agent told me I got the contract 3 days before my marriage. I dedicated the book to my husband because I spent the first 5 months of our marriage working on it night and day! Five months was all NAL gave me to research and write about nearly 1000 years of history and several of its leading players. There was a method to their madness, I seem to recall. I think the June release coincides
with the second season of "The Tudors" on Showtime.

So, because it's lusty and fast paced, I started to think of ROYAL AFFAIRS as the "highbrow beach read
of the year." :)

Sonja Marie said...

Found your book while searching for stuff on Lady Jane Grey, I run The Lady Jane Grey Internet Museum and thought your book sounded really interesting, and I plan to buy a copy in June. I've posted about it at a historical fiction forum I'm on ( ) and I'm also going to check out some of your HF under your Elyot name and hope to recommend them to the forum as well.

Leslie Carroll said...

Thank you so much, Sonja Marie!

I've been working on a proposal for a HF book set during the Tudor era, and for inspiration I've been catching up with some of the British costume dramas from years ago, which may play fast and loose with history as much as contemporary adaptations do, but the acting is always so good! Your mention of Jane Grey reminded me because after all these years I finally caught up with the film "Lady Jane."

I will be sure to check out your Lady Jane Grey internet museum site!!