Monday, January 14, 2008

Much Ado about Di and Dodi

More than eleven years after her death as the result of a high-speed car chase in Paris, the inquest into Princess Diana's demise continues.

Now it's newsworthy that, according to the princess's former butler and confidant, Paul Burrell, Diana had no intentions of marrying Dodi at the time. Burrell told the inquest that his former employer was enjoying "a 30-day affair" with the notorious playboy, and had confided to Burrell that "I want another marriage like I want a bad rash." According to Burrell, Diana was on the rebound from a two-year relationship, a passionate clandestine affair with heart surgeon heartthrob Hasnat Khan, and was not emotionally ready to commit herself to another man--certainly not one she had known for barely more than a month.

Paul Burrell
Burrell said, "The princess had just finished a long-term relationship with someone she cared deeply about. I know that, because I was there. I saw it." He characterized Dodi Fayed as "someone who was very kind and attentive and generous."

Under pressure from the coroner, Lord Justice Scott Baker, Burrell reluctantly disclosed information regarding a rather harsh conversation between Diana and her mother, the late Frances Shand-Kydd, who would win few mum-of-the year awards, and who was none too crazy about either of the two beaux, and had some harsh words for Diana about her somewhat catholic (in the original sense of the noun) taste in men. Burrell said Diana invited him to listen in on the call, and he heard Frances say Diana was "a whore" who was messing around with Muslim men." She said some very nasty things," Burrell told the coroner.

Dodi Fayed, under the Brooklyn Bridge

Care to chime in? We know almost as much as everyone else does--which is next to nothing--but it doesn't prevent anyone from airing their opinions. Do you think Di and Dodi were close to marriage at the time of their deaths?


Anonymous said...

I think Dodi was an opportunist and Diana was testing the waters with anyone who would treat her like a "princess". And Paul Burrell, who promised her that her secrets would safe with him; that he would never divulge them; is a publicity seeking former employee enjoying the limelight and saying all sorts of outrageous things that no one can contest because they're all dead.

Georgie Lee said...

I agree with anonymous. Also, Dodi and Di hadn't been dating long enough for anything serious.

Leslie Carroll said...

Frankly, this is my opinion, too. In ROYAL AFFAIRS, even though the one Diana affair (and there were several) that I chose to spotlight in the book was her affair with James Hewitt (he was the only lover to write a book about it afterward), I do make a couple of comments about Diana and Dodi, explaining that they had only met each other 6 weeks before the crash.

From all I've read about her, Diana was a woman who was perennially desperate for affection and attention. Dodi, who nevers seems to have done anything in a small way, provided that Band-aid for her aching heart (after the breakup with Hasnat Khan). But I agree with the two of you; no way was she thinking of marrying Dodi after so short an acquaintance.